Live More Real

Discover how to connect with your deepest self and live the real you!

Many problems stem from not knowing who you are, or not acting in accordance with your deepest self.

If you are at a crossroads in life, if you are unhappy, if you wish to change some aspect of your life, if you want more calm in your life, or if you are questioning “Is there more to life than this?” then you may be ready to explore more deeply, and perhaps experiment with new ways to connect and interact with life.

Are you wondering:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is the meaning of my life?
  • How can I experience inner peace more often?
  • How can I get on better with others?
  • How can I reduce that critical voice in my head?
  • How can I discover and be more of who I really am?
  • How can I feel less anxious?
  • Why do I stop myself saying & doing what’s best for me?

The world needs the real you!

Living Real can help you to address these questions, and to come to feel more confident, more assertive, clearer about what you want, able to establish clear and appropriate boundaries, be less reactive, feel calmer and more in charge of your life.

“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” – Bob Marley

Live a more meaningful life with

Living wholly as the real, authentic You can be challenging.

Living Real offers you guidance to overcome the obstacles and fears that stop you from expressing yourself fully, and empowers you to contribute your unique gifts to the world. With experienced, caring support, you can gently and deeply transform old patterns and limitations to discover who you really are, why you are here. You can open to abundance, inner peace, fulfilment, and the energy to act lovingly and powerfully in alignment with your true inner self.

What is Living Real ?

Living Real was founded by Sue Beecher, who brings to her work a rare combination of spiritual wisdom and academic knowledge with practical experience.

She is an Australian registered psychologist, social worker and lecturer with over 40 years’ professional experience, and has been a meditation teacher for 30 years.

Blending psychological and consciousness methods, Sue makes the theoretical accessible and practical, so you can apply what works in your own life. Sue brings a down-to-earth approach in empowering you to find your unique path to Living the Real You. Whether in individual meetings or small group classes, she creates a safe space to go deep, to explore, and to discover.

Her unique perspective is drawn both from her personal life and from working with thousands of people from many different walks of life over her career.

Living Real Classes

Meditation Classes

Living Real Meditation offers both Introductory and ongoing Mastery
courses which immerse you in practices that leave you feeling refreshed and enriched, ready to experience life from a renewed perspective, and energised for the week ahead.

Explore different ways to meditate and find a way that suits you. Overcome obstacles to rewarding meditation practice.

Spiritual Development

Living Real Spiritual Development courses provide a safe space in a small group, with practical tools, theory, discussion, exercises and experiences that enable you to explore and find your own answers, your own truths, and your own authentic self.

Increase your clarity and intuition, listen more deeply to your heart, clear obstacles, to deepen and enrich your life.

Kabbalah Meditation

Living Real Kabbalah Meditation classes provide a safe space to explore both our inner life and our relationships, based on a mystical interpretation of Torah, and engaging with the Tree of Life.

Other Kabbalistic concepts and practices are also introduced from time to time. (You don’t have to be Jewish!)

Calm in the Storm

Create inner calm through life’s ups and downs – With practical skills, reading, discussion, and experiential exercises in a safe small group, you can reduce stress and tension; relax more; avoid burning out; develop resilience; bring more joy into your life; improve work and private relationships; feel more in charge of yourself; better manage difficult situations; better work-life balance.

Individual Consultations

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious? Down, distressed or disconnected? Or looking for more from life?

Sue offers listening, understanding, new ways of looking at things, and tailored skills and strategies you can use in the situations that are troubling you. Although this can be challenging, you are supported throughout with Sue’s gentle encouragement.

Living Skills Workshops

Living Real conducts a variety of Living Skills Workshops, including:
• Assertiveness: How to say NO; Stand up for yourself; Have your voice heard; Set and keep good boundaries.
• Burnout Prevention; Self-care for carers and caring professionals.
• Stress Management
• Effective communication skills for professionals and for everyone.
• Flourishing in Lockdown

Find out more!

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