Hi, meet Sue

Born into a refugee family, Sue grew up with no sense of herself other than intellectual. She was lost and unhappy as a child, teen, and young adult. She felt disconnected from herself, her emotions, from other people, from life itself. Self-criticism was rife. She felt unlovable. While she had academic success, she was out of touch with all the other ways of knowing and understanding

Search for Meaning

Sue spent years searching for meaning, for “who I am and why I’m here”. She discovered emotions, her body, her core essential self, her purpose in life. With help, she worked hard to integrate all these aspects of her together with her academic success.

“I learned to love and to be loved, and to be increasingly loving.”

Transformational Experiences

Sue had profound spiritual experiences, encountered energy healers in the Philippines, worked with Aboriginal people in Central Australia. She experienced, studied and practised several modes of energy healing, body psychotherapy and groupwork.

Through self-discovery and self-development, Sue was able to transform painful experiences into a deep understanding which she has since been able to contribute for the benefit of others.

Overcoming fear, developing relationship and other living skills, Sue was finally able to combine the intellectual with the emotional and the practical; the physical with the emotional. Through her spiritual development she came to a deep respect for the uniqueness of every individual, their beliefs and their experience.

Sharing Learning with Others

In the last 15 years Sue has studied and taught Kabbalah (the Jewish mystical teachings, available to anyone), especially in relation to personal and spiritual development. Some of her meditation classes are based on Kabbalah.

Over the course of her working life, Sue has helped many different kinds of people, from different backgrounds and in different circumstances.

Bridging Worlds

Sue brings her curiosity and her ability to bridge different worlds, to be innovative in both theory and practice, often pioneering new approaches. She loves learning how people learn, and catering to individual differences.

Sue loves bringing her experience to bear in the service of other people, guiding, counselling, teaching. She uses a psycho-spiritual approach to facilitate people to connect deeply to their true inner self, to Living Real. In this she finds great fulfilment and joy.

Importantly, Sue has an ongoing commitment to doing for herself what she teaches.

She hopes you’ll join her in this experience called

Professional Experience


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Macquarie University)
  • Bachelor of Social Studies (University of Sydney)
  • Master of Social Work (UNSW)
  • Registered Psychologist (AHPRA) and Social Worker

Academic positions

  • UNSW Lecturer in Social Work and in Community Medicine
    for over 17 years
  • TAFE NSW (Ultimo) teacher in Welfare Studies
  • University of Sydney lecturer

Trained in

  • Family Therapy
  • Groupwork
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • Psychodrama
  • Neo Reichian Body Therapies
  • Personal Development group training
  • Energetic Healing modalities eg Serenity; Sacred Geometry; and others
  • Feminist therapy
  • Pioneer in feminist family therapy in Australia

Private practice for over 40 years

Counselling, therapy, personal and spiritual development, living skills workshops, stress management, burnout prevention, assertiveness, counselling skills training; training and clinical supervision of psychologists and social workers

  • Practising Meditation for 40 years
  • Kabbalah Meditation for 15 years
  • Meditation and Spiritual Development group teacher and facilitator for over 30 years
  • Published author and speaker, including on women and family therapy, women in Judaism, women and social policy
  • Corporate Training for managers
  • Executive Coaching

“Sue’s gentle care, understanding and compassion makes me feel very welcomed as I am, with no judgment, and opens a sense of possibility for what I couldn’t see before.”

– Lina Mbirkou, MACRO Leaders

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