Living Real


Create inner calm through life’s ups and downs

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, worried, under pressure, burning out, or things seem a bit out of control?

You’re not alone, and yes, there are things you can do to relieve the stress!

When we are very stressed, we use whatever we can to just keep going. Often that means we are not present in the moment. Stress takes us out of ourselves. It’s important to know how to keep connecting with our inner point of calm, and to have techniques that suit each of us for topping ourselves up.

In this Living Real course, we look at physical responses to stress and how to moderate them, how to manage our time and our feelings, how to enhance communication, how to relax, meditate, breathe and move. All these strategies reduce the negative effects of stress, and enhance being our authentic self in the joyful flow of life.

Calm in the Storm explores the many ways stress affects us, and teaches practical techniques, based on research about stress and its management.

More than that, it helps to find an inner space of calm to keep returning to, no matter what life throws at us.

Calm in the Storm is held over a period of time, so you have a chance to practise and to bring any difficulties back to the group for trouble-shooting

In a safe, small group, you can:
• Relax more, worry less,
• develop resilience, better manage difficult situations,
• find balance in your daily activities, improve relationships, and
• bring more joy into your life
• think more clearly, sleep better
• find an inner space of calm to keep returning to

You’ll feel more in charge of your life, so you can Live More Real!

What Does the Course Cover?

  • What is stress? What is healthy stress? Effects of stress
  • Ways we cope with stress that are either helpful or harmful
  • Identify the physical, mental and behavioural symptoms of stress
  • What causes your personal stress?
  • How to manage stress effectively – inside and outside you
  • Skills and strategies for dealing with stressors (eg difficult people, too much to do, emotional overwhelm, stress at work, and more)
  • Caring for yourself during stressful times
  • How to find an inner space of calm to keep returning to

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