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Experience more insights, deepen your meditation, discover more about your life with a supportive group of like-minded meditators

An hour a week just for you!
Living Real Go Deeper Meditation follows on from Introduction to Meditation (or equivalent). It provides an opportunity to focus on you and have real ME TIME away from your busy life. People get massages, manicures, facials – feel-good for their bodies.

Meditation is for your inside, and Go Deeper Meditation is like a modern day mini-retreat where you can immerse yourself in a practice that leaves you feeling refreshed and enriched, ready to experience life from a renewed perspective, and energised for the week ahead.

Over a period of time you will notice the positive impact of regular practice in every aspect of your life. In your home and work life you’ll experience more productivity and feel more empowered. It’s like you’re getting more from life.

The effects of meditation are cumulative.
Meditation helps quieten the mind, gain control of our lives, feel better from the inside, change how we react and how we are with ourselves and our loved ones. It spills into all areas of our life in subtle but substantial ways that make living easier and happier.

The power of meditating in a group- connection and uniqueness

In a small, safe, supportive group, participants can benefit from one another’s unique perspectives and insights, as well as the commonalities experienced by people of different walks of life.

Connected by a joint understanding of the profound power of meditation and a deeper search for meaning and understanding in one’s life, the group helps members gain greater self-awareness, acceptance of themselves and others. In this way your practice is deeper and more sustainable.

You can join a small, encouraging group to support your practice.

Go Deeper Meditation is not for everyone

Living Real Go Deeper Meditation is not for beginners, it is specifically designed for meditators with some experience.

Go Deeper Meditation is for people who:

  • Understand meditation and have been practising meditation
    (consistently or inconsistently).
  • Have experienced the benefits of meditation and are committed to experiencing more by creating a regular practice.
  • Want to meditate with a group of like-minded people to share and feel supported.
  • Honour the uniqueness and cohesion of the group, understanding that it’s important that participants are committed for the term, and respectful of others’ confidences.

Meditation is like a portal to a world within you, where you can find answers that are usually inaccessible in daily life.

It can alter your experience of life through the subtle insights obtained,
making you feel more in charge of your life, and bringing you a greater sense of happiness.

What to expect in a Living Real Go Deeper Meditation class

Our Go Deeper Meditation class is focussed on four core processes that form the foundation of each week:

  • • Share
  • • Meditate
  • • Reflect
  • • Implement

Using the themes that come up in each weekly discussion, meditation is used to help students realign so they can experience daily life in a happier, more peaceful, proactive and conscious way.

We share experiences with like-minded people – talk about what happened during the week, and anything that came up during meditations. Often the group and the facilitator can help you, or benefit from your experience. Sometimes the guided meditation in the group is based on what participants raise. This helps to deepen your practice. Living Real Go Deeper Meditation is responsive to the group needs.

There is an application and selection process to ensure the group works well.

“Sue’s energy and wisdom make her a beautiful and graceful guide; each session is a perfectly presented gift that I look forward to giving myself each week.”

– Sarah, Sydney

What our Go Deeper Meditation students have experienced

  • Become more intuitive
  • More centred and trusting in myself...
  • Greater insight and understanding
  • Heal from the inside
  • Life starts to make more sense
  • Clearer about making decisions
  • Start to live less from other people's expectations
  • Activate parts of me and things begin to shift
  • Know more clearly what I need and want
  • How to assert myself in a kind way
  • Less reactive, more considered responses
  • Kinder to myself and other people

“Meditation with Sue Beecher is a unique and uplifting experience. Her warmth, level of experience of everyday life and its vicissitudes, wisdom, generosity and sense of humour, ensure that a feeling of trust and safety is easily established in the group. This enables me to enter a place of quiet, to slow my down my mind and connect with a very special inner place from where I can emerge refreshed and enriched. An experience not to be missed!”

– Alexa, Sydney

Application for Living Real Going Deeper Meditation Class

If you’d like to deepen your meditation practice and wish to enquire about a place in
this class, please fill in the form by clicking on the button below.

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