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Learn the Living Real FIVE CORE ELEMENTS OF MEDITATION and how to apply them to your life.

Meditation is the perfect self-care solution for busy people. Taking time out for ourselves feels more like a luxury than the norm! Yet it is essential for our well-being. So why doesn’t everyone do it?

Many people think they have to stop thinking, but it’s simply not true. We can’t just “stop thinking”, but there are many ways to lead the mind to stillness and focus. In these classes and with practice, you’ll find what works for you.

There are many types of meditations including sitting, moving, mantra, and also mini and micro meditations which are incredibly powerful and can be done while sitting in your chair, at your desk, on the train to work, feeding the baby. For just a few moments you can step out of life to recharge, reconnect with yourself and your inner wisdom. Meditation for peace of mind is not just about the amount of time, it’s about the quality of time that you meditate, and the regularity of your practice.

The beauty and complexity of being a human is that we each have our unique way. Your past doesn’t matter – what matters is what you do today. That’s what determines your future!

In every moment we can make a choice.

Meditation unlocks a layer of awareness.
It clears the way so we can put our attention on the things that really matter to us and our life. Research has found that meditating, even for a short time each day for two months, establishes new brain patterns. During meditation your brain’s activity alters significantly. The most well-known brain waves evident during many kinds of meditation are alpha waves, which accompany relaxation of the entire body and nervous system. Scientific studies have measured these changes.

Meditation increases productivity, confidence and self-esteem,
and empowers us to manage our life in calmer,
more constructive ways. It increases life satisfaction.

Attending a Living Real Meditation class is an opportunity to learn a life skill that can profoundly change how you live and experience your life.

“I go to meditation with Sue to get in touch with myself. I find the weekly reminder allows me to remember to be kind to myself and the people around me. I always leave lighter and with a feeling of calm.”

– Alice

Introduction to Meditation – About the Classes

Living Real INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION classes are held in person when possible, as well as online. There are eight weeks of an hour and a half per class. The course is designed to help each student find a meditation style that best suits them.

Each week students will:

  • Practice the FIVE CORE ELEMENTS of meditation
  • Practice and strengthen one basic technique
  • Experience a different meditation technique sourced from around the world
  • Receive individual coaching and trouble-shooting
  • Learn techniques and ways to train the brain to be less reactive
  • Record experiences, homework and questions in a private workbook

Topics covered include:

  • What is meditation?
  • Why meditate?
  • Basic ‘how to’ meditation
  • Some different ways to meditate
  • Finding a way that suits you
  • Mini and Micro meditations
  • Solutions to difficulties in meditating
  • Where to from here?

3 Pillars of Each Class


The key to meditation is doing it. Within the hour and half students will practise 1-3 meditation styles. All meditations are done together as a group under the guided supervision of experienced meditation teacher Sue Beecher.

Through repetition of a core practice, students are able to hone skills and deepen their understanding of themselves as well as experience the benefits in their daily lives.


At the end of each meditation students can share their experiences and learn from each individual’s unique perspective.

Students are encouraged to keep a journal to track their progress and discover which meditation techniques work best for them individually.

Stay Tuned

We understand that once class finishes, it’s easy to fall back into our busy lives. Students are supported to stay focused using a journal or workbook to record their experiences, homework and questions. To facilitate bringing meditation into daily life, students are encouraged to record both their learning and also their focus or intentions for the coming week.

As with physical exercise, reaping the benefits of meditation depend on practice, practice, practice!

For many people it’s difficult to keep up regular meditation by themselves.
If this is the case for you, you are welcome to participate in a longer program such as Living Real GO DEEPER MEDITATION

“We meditate just over one hour a week yet I feel the subtle benefits for days afterwards. Most notably, my thoughts feel more focused.”

– Keren

Who is Living Real
Introduction to Meditation for?

It is best suited for:

  • Beginners with no experience who want to learn meditation
  • People who have tried meditation and want to get back into it
  • Those who struggle to quieten their minds and want to find a way to reduce the chatter
  • People who know there is something more to life and want meditation to help them access it

Frequently Asked Questions

  • WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Wear comfortable clothes. If you wish you can take off your shoes.
  • CAN I SIT ON A CHAIR? Chairs are provided or you can sit on a cushion on the floor if you wish. If you have a meditation stool you prefer to use you are welcome to bring it. Comfort is paramount.
  • DO I NEED TO BRING ANYTHING? Bring a water bottle, your favourite pen, an open mind and a willingness to experiment!

When you register your interest, you‘ll be given dates and times to register for a class.

$400 Regular Course $360 Early Bird Rate

Concessions available

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