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Spiritual Development in a Jewish Framework
(You don’t have to be Jewish)

What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is mysticism based in the Jewish religion. It’s a collection of writings and teachings by various authors at various times with differing approaches.

In our own time, there are several approaches which provide ways of understanding life, Jewish text, and spiritual practices that have real results in our lives.

A brief history of Kabbalah

Jewish mysticism had started by the time of the Biblical prophets, and was expounded in the following centuries, though it wasn’t until the 8th or 9th century that we find written articulations of Kabbalah. Two of the most important books are the Zohar (13th century) and the Tanya (18th century), both of which are still extremely influential.

The most widespread teachings used today are those of Isaac Luria (1550s) and the Baal Shem Tov (1700s). In recent times, parts of both the Chassidic movement and the Jewish Renewal Movement are reviving Jewish mystical learning and practice.

What is Torah?

The Torah consists of the five books of Moses. More broadly it is considered to include teachings, stories, and commentaries on it as well. It is interpreted at many different levels.

At its heart it is considered to hold mystical teachings which show us how to realise our highest spiritual potential as human beings.

“Before these sessions, I had always felt that the Torah was someone else’s – not mine.”

 – L, Sydney

What is the Kabbalistic Tree of Life?

In the Tree of Life diagram, the circles represent qualities which we need to develop and balance in our lives. They also form a pathway for spiritual light to enter and flow through us.

As we work on developing each of these qualities, and on the balance between them, we become fuller and clearer vessels for the spiritual light.

This shows up as increased peace of mind, less reactivity and better relationships, clarity and perspective, connection with our intuition, increased love and joy in our lives. We feel elevated, heart-centred, enriched. We each live our purpose.

“I have practiced several forms of meditation over the past years. I experience an easy and deep connection with Kabbalah meditation led by Sue. Hebrew, Jewish festivals and biblical texts used mean a familiar base and inspiration for intellectual, emotional and spiritual nurturing.” 

 – Diana , Sydney

In Living Real’s Kabbalah approach to spiritual development, there are two streams: weekly Kabbalah Meditation classes, and occasional Kabbalah Intensive Workshops and Residential Retreats. Both use a Kabbalistic perspective.

Using a Kabbalistic perspective:

  • Find your own truth
  • Develop a greater perspective that deepens and enriches your life
  • Gain clarity
  • Connect with your intuition
  • Elevate your experience of life
  • Free your spiritual expression
  • Listen to your heart
  • Increase the love in your life
  • Experience more joy
  • Embrace the best You that
    you were meant to be

Do you have to be Jewish?

No, you just need to be interested in Kabbalah as a spiritual path for yourself.

Do you need prior knowledge?

No! It helps if you know how to meditate, although in class the meditations are guided. Everything else is explained.

Kabbalah Meditation Classes

What to expect

Living Real Kabbalah Meditation classes, held weekly, provide a safe space to explore both our inner life and our relationships, based on a mystical interpretation of Torah, and engaging with the Tree of Life.

Other Kabbalistic concepts and practices are also introduced from time to time.

In the class participants are invited to speak about how they are going with their spiritual development, and are supported by others and the teacher.

We dip into the Torah portion of the week, with a Kabbalistic lens, for one or two practical lessons to help us in our lives. There is a guided meditation based on these ideas, with the Tree of Life to help us to connect spiritually during the meditation.

Over time, participants have reported changes in their lives and in the way they handle difficulties. They feel more confident, more at peace with themselves, and more in charge of their lives, as well as more connected with themselves and others.

Learn and share in a group on the same path

Living Real Kabbalah Meditation group members learn from one another, provide support and encouragement, stimulate ideas and insights, and intensify experiences. The power of the group magnifies and accelerates our growth through sharing. We draw on the greater pool of wisdom and understanding in the group.

Contact us with any questions, to book a phone chat, or to apply to register. We’ll get back to you within 2 days.

  • Fee: $497 per term
  • Early Bird: $450
  • Concessions available

What Participants Have Said About Living Real Kabbalah Meditation Classes

“Opening my heart and mind to the ‘mysteries of kabbalah meditation’, has been one of my most rewarding experiences this year… We explore the weekly Torah portion with a Kabbalistic viewpoint, have open discussion and learning, awaken our senses through the Tree of Life, then Sue guides us ever so gently in an uplifting and spiritual meditation, which is tied to the portion just discussed. We have a wonderful experience each week and it helps each and every one of us in different ways to achieve what it is we need that week …. sometimes it is purely one hour of peace! ”

Kabbalah Intensives and Residential Retreats

Living Real Kabbalah Intensives and Retreats vary in length from a half-day, one day, to a whole weekend, and are normally based around a specific theme.

They are immersive experiences, designed to offer the opportunity for you to deep dive into your spiritual development, clear obstacles, inspire and elevate you. And have some fun!

Previous Intensives have included:

  • Kabbalah of Chanukah
  • Kabbalah of Sukkot
  • Kabbalah of the High Holy Days
  • Betzelem Elohim – In the Divine Image
  • “Exploring Aleph” Retreat

Intensives and Retreats are kept small so that each participant receives personalised attention and support.

Dates, times, locations and fees vary. Please enquire for further information.

Contact us here and join our waiting list to be informed about the next Intensive or Retreat.

What Participants Have Said About Living Real Kabbalah Intensives and Retreats

“I have got from my retreat with Sue – my wind, my vitality, my flow. I have learned about the amazing power of the Kabbalistic Sefirot, and how to integrate them in my body, and step forward into my life. I have learned to nourish myself and start to find my direction.

Sue’s spiritual wisdom is expressed humbly through her humour and words. It is always there if you are ready to listen, and I was. I experienced the retreat as taking root in my life, through every cell, and if you feel ready, I recommend it with all my heart. It is a coming back to self.”

Watch the Kabbalah of Shavuot video -