Living Real


Here are some examples of Living Real Living Skills Workshops offered.
They vary in length – they may be half-day, full day, two days, or a short course.
These workshops can be tailored for the needs of an existing group.

Calm in the Storm

Create inner calm through life’s ups and downs

This is a stress management course with extras! It explores the many ways stress affects us, and teaches practical techniques, based on research about stress and its management.

And more than that, it helps you to find an inner place of calm to keep coming back to, no matter what life throws at you. You’ll feel more in charge of your life, so you can Live More Real.

Counselling Skills Training

Have you learnt about counselling, but don’t feel confident about knowing what to actually say or do in a real counselling situation? Do people confide in you or become emotional at work, and you’re not sure how to handle it?

This course offers you the opportunity to practise and hone your skills in a supportive environment, and become comfortable and confident to work with what may come up in counselling sessions.


How to value yourself, count yourself in, and assert yourself firmly and kindly

  • How to say NO
  • Having your voice heard
  • Setting and keeping good boundaries.


  • Be more confident about what you say yes or no to
  • Stop saying yes when you mean no
  • Practise nice ways to say no and mean it
  • Don’t let ‘wanting to be liked’ to get in the way of being true to yourself
  • Keep time for self-nourishment.
  • TIME: This workshop can be held over 4 half days or two full days. This gives participants a chance to put techniques into practice and further develop the skills.
  • Fee: $800
  • Early Bird: $650
  • Concessions available

Burnout Prevention

Self-care for carers and caring professionals

People who care for others can often neglect their own needs. Find out how to balance looking after yourself with the needs of others.

Benefits :

  • Stay healthy, energised and good-humoured, even when you are in a potentially stressful situation of caring for other people.
  • TIME: This is a one-day workshop. It can be extended for a work group and tailored to suit.)
  • Fee: $400
  • Early Bird: $360
  • Concessions available

Talk so others will listen, listen so others will talk

Effective communication skills for everyone; Listening skills for professionals

Explore how to present yourself clearly in ways that others will notice, and listen skilfully to other people so that they will connect more deeply with themselves and with you. This program is useful both for professional settings and for everyday relationships.


  • Improve your relationships at work and at home
  • Be a better friend or colleague
  • Increase rapport and the effectiveness of your interactions
  • TIME: This workshop can be run as 2 full days, or as a series of shorter meetings, depending on the needs of the participants.
  • Two day workshop: $800
  • Early Bird: $650
  • Series of shorter meetings: Price to be negotiated
  • Concessions available

Flourishing in Lockdown

How to look after yourself and make the most of your time while in lockdown.

Having to stay at home can be extremely stressful, even when we like our homes! Learn techniques for dealing with stress, and positively flourish while you’re stuck
at home.


  • Feel good during lockdown
  • Avoid anxiety and depression
  • Use your time to live well and flourish
  • Time: This online workshop runs over 3 half days or 6 two-hour classes
  • Fee: $600
  • Earlybird: $480
  • Concessions available

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