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Meditation is more than peace of mind…

An hour a week just for you!

With a clear mind, and deep calm, built through meditation practice, we can reduce stress, anxiety and pain, feel better about ourselves, and improve our relationships. We know that meditation also helps to improve physical and mental health, and increases focus, concentration and creativity.

Meditation can increase our feelings of happiness, as it increases our self-esteem, mindfulness, self-compassion, and connection with others as well as ourselves. Practising meditation can change the brain, so we can deliberately change patterns of thinking and acting that are not working so well for us, and consciously choose our responses to life’s challenges and pleasures. This leads to much more than peace of mind.

There’s not only one way… And you don’t have to believe anything in particular…

Many meditation programs include specific beliefs which may or may not chime with you. Living Real Meditation Classes are neutral and very inclusive, and each one offers numerous approaches to meditation, so you can find ways to meditate that work for you.

We learn differently, and we each need the kind of meditation which meets our particular ways of learning and processing information. Some of us are more visual, easily able to create images; others are more auditory, preferring to listen; some prefer it when the learning is more connected to the senses.

If you’ve tried meditation and given up, or didn’t feel anything, or couldn’t stop your mind racing, then this could be the reason. At Living Real we cater to individual differences, and we help you find what resonates for you. This helps you to continue to meditate long term. Which one are you?

Meditation is a skill for everyone

Being a meditation teacher for over 35 years, I have taught meditation to all sorts of people. They vary in income, culture, life difficulties, from government and private sector executives, entrepreneurs, parents, people from many walks of life.

Many people say they can’t meditate, or they can’t sit still, or they can’t stop their thoughts, or they are too busy or too fidgety, or they fall asleep while trying to meditate. At Living Real , we believe there is a form of meditation that suits every person, we simply have to find what it is for you.

We all need to practise the skills of meditation and be kind to ourselves through that learning process. It’s not easy for us to stop DOING and simply BE, and to keep our awareness in the present. Just like learning an instrument, it takes practice to build up those skills.

You don’t need anything in particular – special clothes or equipment – you just need yourself, your breath, and your determination to find the way that works for you, and to practise.

The effects ripple out into all areas of your life: your family, work, health, friends, relationships, feelings of well-being.

About Sue Beecher, meditation teacher

I’ve been meditating for 40 years now, and it’s had a very profound influence on my life. It’s very grounding. It’s reduced stress. It helps me think more clearly and creatively. It reduces physical pain. It’s great for interpersonal interactions.

I have more empathy and compassion for people (including myself). I’m clearer about what I want, and how to best manage life’s difficulties and more deeply enjoy its pleasures. I often feel serene.

That’s why I’m so passionate about meditation, and I love sharing it with others, so you too can experience the profound benefits of meditation in all areas of your life. That’s why I created Living Real.

As a registered psychologist, social worker, experienced therapist, and former university lecturer, I have the experience to support you through the acquiring the skills of meditation, and becoming comfortable to be deeply with yourself.

I am really enjoying meditation with Sue Beecher. I find that the energy of the group – and Sue’s capacity to hold it – make it surprisingly easy to focus in meditation.

– Helen

Living Real Meditation Programs

Living Real

Living Real

Meditation can be a gentle process of self-discovery…

Going into meditation and becoming present with ourselves, we gradually get to know, like and accept ourselves more and more, becoming more resilient, less anxious, and more content.

We come to a different relationship with ourselves, deepening into our experience with less fear and more kindness, more insight and understanding.

We become more open to joy, fulfilment, and love in our lives.

Meditation helps to master our mind and feelings, to expand our true self…

Meditation can support mental health and clarity, helping us to get more in tune with our inner self. Distracted by Netflix, iPhones, computers, we spend endless hours on things that deplete us, rather than enrich us. This can leave us feeling depressed, anxious, worried and living lives that are a fraction of how we imagined them to be.

This is why meditation is so powerful.

We can experience deep states of rest and relaxation, keeping balanced and centred no matter what life throws at us. We clear stress from our mind and body, refreshing and refocussing ourselves. Meditation helps clear the way so we can put our attention on the things that really matter to us in our life. We feel strong and clear.

With the help of meditation, we can live more wholehearted, open, and inspired lives that make a difference in the world.

“Sue’s classes are an extension of her energy – gentle, loving and inspiring – making it so easy to arrive every time with an enthusiastic and open heart.”

– Tanya

Here are just some of the benefits of meditation

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression
  • Become more centred, balanced
  • Increased self-awareness, insights
  • Greater understanding
  • Less reactive
  • More clarity
  • Increase creativity
  • More productive
  • Better sleep
  • Improved physical health
  • More relaxed
  • Kinder to self and others
  • Respond to life in a more considered way
  • Live less according to others’ expectations
  • Feel more in charge of your life
  • Trust yourself more
  • More intuitive
  • Heal from the inside
  • Release some of your limitations
  • More enjoyment of life
  • Feel happier

Free Gift!


This Mini Attunement Meditation offers you a simple practice of tuning into yourself, in order to be more present and to connect with your inner calm, so that you can make wise choices about how to respond to who and what is around you..