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What is spirituality? What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose? What does it mean to live from the heart?

Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. It’s been around for centuries, as people seek answers to the universal perplexing questions of meaning and existence. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Who are we? Is there something greater than ourselves?

For some people it’s about connecting with their true inner nature, or with God, or with the universe, or with life as a whole, or with the essence of every being. For some people, it’s about coming to deep peace within themselves, regardless of what’s happening around them. For some it’s finding their deep purpose, and ways to live it.

Most spiritual approaches see the human being as a consciousness with a connection to something greater than ourselves. Spiritual development typically involves a search for meaning and purpose in life, increasing awareness, and growing into our full potential as a human being. Eventually we may have experiences of oneness with all being.

Effects are felt in your life in ways that are subtle and profound.

Is Spirituality the
same as Religion?

Many people get spirituality mixed up with religion. One way to clarify the difference is to see religion as organised forms for developing spirituality. Sometimes these organised forms take on a life of their own, and cease being in the service of spiritual development. Sometimes they provide the means to deepen spiritual connection, in a community of like-minded people for support.

Are there particular things
I have to believe or do?

Spirituality is NOT a fixed set of beliefs that you have to subscribe to. It’s not a series of tasks you have to do to reach enlightenment.

You don’t have to deprive yourself of pleasure in life. You aren’t measured according to your spiritual experiences.

Living Real Spiritual Development is not about specific religious teachings. It’s about facilitating you to find your own truth. Each participant’s beliefs are respected.

Every person has their own unique experience of spiritual connection.

Living Real Spiritual Development Programs

Our programs are designed to create a safe environment for those
seeking answers to life’s big questions.

Guided by an experienced facilitator, you will discover ways to go to your heart and listen to your own inner knowing, and explore how to connect deeply with your inner authentic self and with the whole of life.

You’ll become clearer about your unique purpose, and activate your potential and ongoing growth into the greatest and best version of yourself. You’ll be living authentically, from the inside.

Bring more love and joy into your life!

• Find your own truth
• Develop a greater perspective that deepens and enriches your life
• Gain clarity
• Connect with your intuition
• Elevate your experience of life
• Free your spiritual expression
• Listen to your heart
• Increase the love in your life
• Experience more joy
• Embrace the best You that you were meant to be

Feel understood and part of a group on the same path

Discovering the answers to your inner yearning is not always easy by yourself and sometimes it’s hard to find people who understand your interest in the spiritual. Some people feel a bit scared, or don’t know how to deepen their spiritual connection.

Living Real Spiritual Development programs provide a safe space in a small group, practical tools, and experiences that deepen and enrich you, enabling you to find your own answers, your own truth, and your own authentic self, supported by the facilitator and by people who are on the journey with you.

It’s a dedicated time just for you – one that is relaxed, safe, inclusive, supportive and encouraging of your exploration of your own spirituality.

Living Real group members learn from one another, provide support and encouragement, stimulate ideas and insights, and intensify experiences.

The power of the group magnifies and accelerates your growth through sharing. We draw on the greater pool of wisdom and understanding in the group.

Living Real Spiritual Development Programs

There are three programs

• Introduction to Spiritual Development course
• Spiritual Development Advanced Group
• Spiritual Intensives and Residential Retreats

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